Eyebrow Enhancement
Brow Lamination

Kira has always had a love for eyebrows as it was such a prominent part of her own features! Having a unibrow in elementary school quickly made her very adept at grooming brows and she would work on all of her friends’ brows at sleepovers. When Kira discovered microblading she was thrilled at the opportunity to create full, symmetrical, beautiful brows for her clients. She has been providing microblading services since 2016 and has easily become one of the most requested artists to see in the city. Kira’s signature style is the “Fluffy Brows” technique and her experience and artistic expression shine with every client she’s with. Kira is also certified in Brow Lamination and is an Award Winning Makeup Artist. Artistic talent and creativity come easily to Kira and she finds pure joy from making her clients’ brow dreams come true.


  • 2016 Microblading Training with Nova Beauty
  • 2020 Brow Lacquer™ Brow Lamination Training
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training Certificate
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