Before Your Appointment

Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen for 24-48 hours before the procedure. If you are on blood thinners, please consult your physician prior to your appointment and ensure it is ok to be off of your meds before your appointment to avoid excessive bleeding. If you have any autoimmune disorders or have recently undergone chemotherapy please consult your physician and provide us with written consent prior to booking.

Avoid coffee, alcohol or energy drinks (or any caffeinated beverage) BEFORE the procedure.
If you are used to getting your brows tinted, do so at least 1 week prior to the microblading procedure.
Do not show up to your appointment with overly tanned or sunburnt skin. Avoid excessive sun exposure at least 14 days before and after the procedure. Use sunscreen to protect the area after your work has healed.

Do not have chemical peels, dermabrasions, mesotherapy, or any other intense treatments 3 – 4 weeks before the microblading procedure. This will cause faster skin cell rejuvenation and skin irritation and will therefore affect healing and the final outcome.

Wash your hair before the procedure as it will be difficult to keep your brows dry for 10 days if you have to wash your hair often

Arrive with clean skin (no heavy makeup on the eyelids). Eyebrow makeup is ok if you are wanting the artist to see your shape preference, colour, etc.

After care

Your brow artist will instruct you on your individualized aftercare regimen based on several factors, including, skin type (dry, normal, combination, oily), and the method used for your cosmetic tattoo.
Some skins are more sensitive than others and your aftercare routine will be customized to you for this reason.

For all clients, ensure there is no contact with water for the next 10 days after the procedure. This includes no heavy workouts to avoid sweating on your brows, no swimming, no sauna or steam rooms. This is crucial to ensure proper healing and to avoid infection.

No sunbathing or tanning for at least 4 weeks after the procedure. After healing is complete, an SPF is recommended to avoid excessive fading and/or colour changes that can happen from direct sun exposure.

No chemical peels, laser treatments for 3 to 4 weeks following the procedure. If botox is done prior to your appointment, please allow 14 days to pass before the start of your semi permanent makeup procedure.

Avoid applying makeup, powder, eyebrow pencil and any creams with active ingredients for at least 10 days after. This is to ensure for the best healing results. Please also avoid all public pools, hot tubs, sauna’s etc., for 10 days.

Healing Considerations

Results are not guaranteed for everyone and every client will heal differently. Two or three applications may be required to achieve the desired results. It is not uncommon to lose up to 60% or more of the colour on the first application.

While your skin heals be prepared for the colour intensity to be significantly darker than what is expected for the final outcome. This is a normal and expected outcome of the application and healing process. The healing process will take a number of days to complete, depending on how quickly the outer layer of your skin exfoliates and new skin regenerates to take its place. In general, 10 days is the time it takes for your skin to fully heal.