Brow Lamination sculpts and shapes eyebrow hairs into place, hiding any small gaps and providing a fuller, fluffier effect to your natural eyebrows. Certified and trained by LACQUER® Brow Lamination

The eyebrows are put through a series of specially formulated solutions that ensure all the eyebrow hairs stay in the desired direction, covering any gaps or small imperfections. The hairs are then “laminated” into place. The treatment ends with a tint to help bring out any lighter hairs which provides beautiful definition. A nourishing serum is applied to your brows at the end of the service helping to keep the brow hairs supple and soft. Results last approximately 6 weeks.

This 45 min service involves several steps. The first solution applied softens the hairs, making even the most course or stubborn brow hairs easily moldable. Hairs are then sculpted into place. The second solution sets the hairs into place and the service is then finished with a tint to bring out the entire brow. For the ultimate brow treatment, add on a wax for perfectly beautiful brows.

Safe for the skin, solutions are PH balanced and are specifically formulated for use on eyebrow hairs and the sensitive skin surrounding the area.
This service is safe for anyone with previous cosmetic eyebrow tattoos (i.e microblading) and will not harm the healed result. Your cosmetic eyebrow tattoo must be completely healed (at least 4-6 weeks) at which point you can safely enjoy this service to add to the look of your eyebrows

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