Saline Ink lightening provides an easy solution to lift and remove/lighten old, unwanted pigment in the skin from previously done microblading and permanent makeup. Perfect for clients who aren’t happy with shape, colour, size of previously done work and are wanting to start fresh with new brows. It’s an excellent option for previous work that didn’t heal desirably (i.e. blurred lines, dark, patchy areas or uneven tone).

The saline solution closely resembles the skins natural pH, this means it’s gentle on the skin. During treatment you may feel a mild stinging sensation and this lets us know we’ve soaked the skin sufficiently for the best removal. We use a mild anaesthetic during the treatment to ensure you’re comfortable.

Any kind of tattoo removal is a process and may require multiple sessions. This is highly dependant on each person, how long ago the tattoo was done and how saturated the colour is. Although we’ve seen some great results after just one session, most clients will see improvements after 2-3 sessions. It’s worth mentally and financially committing to a course of 3 treatments before starting, and during the consultation, we can assess how easily the pigment is likely to remove from your skin.

We strongly recommend a consultation prior to booking. This allows the technician to view the current state of areas needing lightening. While we can’t give you an exact number of sessions to fully remove unwanted pigment, you’ll be able to understand the removal process and know what you’re in for in order to make an informed decision.

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