Freckle tattooing is a semi permanent makeup service that provides natural and youthful looking freckles to your cheeks, nose and forehead. Freckles can also be applied to the neck or jawline. The effect is soft, natural, sun-kissed and oh so pretty!

Results are darker and bolder when immediately finished, please allow approx 3-5 days for healing and for freckles to soften in appearance. The area must be kept dry for 3-5 days. Avoid sun exposure during healing.

The Technique

After your “freckles” are designed and custom created with makeup by your artist, the “freckles” are delicately placed into the skin using a gentle technique with a cosmetic tattoo machine. Pigments are chosen based on individual undertones and skin tone. The results are semi permanent and last anywhere from 1- 3 years depending on skin type and lifestyle.

Skin Types

No services will be done on skins that are prone to keloid scarring, eczema and/or psoriasis. This service is not recommended for clients who are on any acne medications. Discontinue use for at least 6 months and consult your GP before going ahead with this service.

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